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After 14 years of Blackberry manufacturing, the company has announced that they will no longer produce smartphones. Of course the tragic news for the blackberry fans makes them wonder why. The reason is that the company has struggled to compete with…


Finally some of the preinstalled apps of windows will soon be allowed to be uninstalled by the latest windows 10 (14936), that is currently out for testing. It has been given a uninstall option for some of these applications, now…

Driver Booster 4

  One of the most infuriating thing is running an app followed by a unexpected pop up that exclaims that you need to update your system first. When you need your tech the most, the process of updating drivers and…

iOS 10

This is a tutorial how to jailbreak ios 10


iPhone 7 has been released, and no doubt many are rushing or lining up at the Apple store to get their hands on their new phone! But here is my Review.